Militarium Ordinum Analecta: Sources for the Study of the Religious-Military Orders. New approaches based on the written memory

Paula Pinto Costa
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The Militarium Ordinum Analecta (MOA) is a publication that has as its aim to disseminate working materials and texts about the Religious-Military Orders. The first volume in this collection was published in 1997, and there is currently a total of ten such books. This publication is edited by Luís Adão da Fonseca and is linked to a working group that has dedicated itself for several years to the study of the Military Orders, having begun its activity under the auspices of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto. Regardless of the individual interests of these researchers and the direction taken by the MOA itself, which naturally reflects these, it should be stressed that in 2007 it was acknowledged that it would be important to begin a systematic line of publication of documentary sources. To this end, a subtitle was given to this collection: Sources for the Study of the Religious-Military Orders. With this choice, we do not, however, seek to limit our editorial activity (exclusively) to the transcription of charters. Given the profile of the work undertaken by the International Seminar on Military Orders (SIOM), which arose from the dynamic contribution of the above-mentioned team, it is clear that we must also continue to develop other aspects of research that go beyond the publication of documents.