Organisational structure

CEPESE, as a non-profit scientific organization, has its own corporate bodies, the General Assembly, the Executive Board, the Fiscal Council and the Scientific Council. The board of the General Assembly, the Executive Board and the Fiscal Council are elected in the General Assembly by CEPESE’s members, for three-year mandates, that can be renewed.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all the founding members, Honour Patrons and individual and collective members in the use of their associate rights, being the deliberations taken by the absolute majority of votes of the present members, except in the cases when the law or the by-laws state otherwise. 

President – Manuel Nazareth
Vice-president – Manuel Pinto Teixeira
Secretary – Diogo Ferreira
Substitute - Jorge Arroteia
Substitute - José Augusto de Sottomayor-Pizarro

Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council has the task of reviewing CEPESE’s accounts and presenting the respective report to the General Assembly. It is composed of three members, a president, a rapporteur and a council member. 

President – Joaquim Brigas
Rapporteur – Isabel Andrés Marques

Rapporteur – Manuel Pires Ribeiro
Substitute - António Godinho
Substitute - Fernanda Alberto


Executive Board

As CEPESE’s executive body, the Executive Board has the duty of carrying out all the powers needed to perform the activities that fit in the purposes of CEPESE. It is composed of PhD professors who are part of the centre.

President – Fernando de Sousa
Vice-presidents - José Cruz Lopes
                         - Ortelinda Barros
                         - Judite Gonçalves de Freitas
                         - Francisco Queiroz

Substitute - Isilda Monteiro
Substitute - Maria de Fátima Conde