Research Projects

Within the scope of its activity, and with the aim of increasing the knowledge in areas insufficiently studied in the area of Social Sciences, CEPESE has been developing several research projects, many of them with an international scope. Among the financing entities, in addition to the FCT – either through direct financing or through multi-annual financing – other institutions are also relevant, both public and private, such as the European Science Foundation, Municipalities, the Assembly of the Republic, Ministries, Foundations and Entreprises.

Porto Town Halls (1820-2010)

This Project aims at presenting the history of the several buildings which served as Town Hall for the city of Porto since the establishment of Liberalism, the reasons that explain their construction and location, and their architectural and artistic characterization.

Bragança in the Contemporary Age (1820-2012)

The project “Bragança in the Contemporary Age (1820-2012)” aimed at analysing the administrative evolution and the demographic, economic, social and cultural structures of that city, as well as the political reality, heritage and the transformations of the urban space, from the liberal revolution of 1820 up to present time.

The Franciscan Third Order in Northern Portugal

With this project we intended to study the importance of the Venerable Franciscan Third Order in northern Portugal as promoters of almost always remarkable artistic activities associated with the construction of structures fit for their organization (church or chapel, dispatch house and hospital) and significantly supporting First Orders, to which they are linked.

The Mayors of Porto (1822-2013)

Following a previous Project, it was intended with this new project to review and update the information on the biographies of the Mayors of Porto, from the first one directly elected by the population to the current Mayor.

History of Agência Abreu (1840-2010)

This Project aims at describing the history of Agência Abreu, one of the oldest travel agencies in the world, in order to establish the origins of the above mentioned company within the context of the Portuguese emigration to Brazil and make a comprehensive collection of relevant documents on the activity of Agência Abreu, in all its different perspectives.

The Mayors of Ponte de Lima (1822-2020)

This research project aimed to produce the biographies of the Mayors of Ponte de Lima from the beginning of Liberalism in Portugal – specifically, with the election of the first Mayor under the new legislative framework – up to the present day. The project sought to understand their actions leading the Municipality and trace the evolution of the legislative framework related to local government in Contemporary Portugal, within which the different Mayors of this Municipality carried out their functions.