All the books published by CEPESE in digital format, including its own journal, População e Sociedade, published twice a year, monographies and thematic collections. Works are searchable by theme, author or title.

Economia e Sociedade (Economy and Society)

The "Economy and Society" collection was created with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of the scientific production developed by CEPESE's researchers around themes directly related to the Portuguese society, economy and demography.

Militarium Ordinum Analecta

The "Militarium Ordinum Analecta" collection's main objective is the transcription and analysis of essential sources for the study of religious and military orders in Portugal during the Middle Ages.

Portugal-Spain Relations

This section brings together the works that resulted from several Seminars organized by CEPESE within the scope of historical and current relations between Portugal and Spain, as well as other publications that focus on this topic.

Portuguese emigration to Brazil

The works presented in this section result from research work carried by Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish and Italian experts within the scope of projects that CEPESE develops on the history of emigration from Portugal to Brazil.

Portugueses no Mundo (Portuguese in the World)

The "Portugueses no Mundo" collection publishes research works that are a testimony to the Portuguese diaspora and its impact in the most diverse parts of the world, or that, in some way, contribute to the knowledge of Portuguese communities abroad, in its multiple facets.

Culture and Identity

Research work on Culture and Identity in the different aspects that these concepts can assume, in the scope of Portuguese reality.

Douro and Royal Oporto Wine Company

Research works on the Alto Douro, and very particularly, on the Real Companhia Velha (Royal Oporto Wine Company), the oldest Portuguese company, and whose origins date back to the Douro region, deeply marked by the action of this Company since 1756.

Art and Heritage

These books aim at promoting the study of Portuguese artists and crafters, and the works produced by them in territories linked to the Portuguese diaspora, in order to make a relevant contribution to the Historiography of Portuguese Art, from the end of the Middle Ages to the 20th century. ​

Porto Contemporâneo

Trabalhos de investigação histórica sobre a cidade e município do Porto desde a instauração do liberalismo em Portugal à atualidade.

Working Papers

Esta secção disponibiliza ao público, em formato digital, trabalhos de investigação e artigos da autoria de investigadores do CEPESE, permitindo ao mesmo tempo uma maior divulgação da produção científica produzida e o livre acesso a essa mesma informação.