Population and Society Journal, no. 41

The thematic dossier of the Journal no. 41, coordinated by Judite Gonçalves de Freitas, to be published in June 2024, is entitled: "The past of the future: in the 50 years of April".

The 50th anniversary of 25 April 1974 commemorates one of the most important milestones in Portugal's recent history, remembering not only the Carnation Revolution itself, but the lasting impact it had on Portuguese society and the country. The Revolution of 25 April 1974 was the result of a bundle of political, social, economic and cultural factors that translated into political, social and economic discontent caused by 48 years of dictatorship and 13 years of colonial war. The Portuguese revolution, which put an end to authoritarian and colonialist rule and established a democratic regime, was notable for its relative lack of violence.
Rethinking 25 April implies a critical reflection on the events and consequences of the revolution in Portugal, as well as a broader analysis of its impact on Portuguese society and the country's political, social, economic and cultural dynamics. It is therefore important to critically analyse the successes and failures of the democratic process, the impact of the revolution on Portuguese society, including changes in living standards, civil and political rights, education, health, gender equality, but also the question of historical narratives and cultural representations of the April movement, and the current and future challenges facing Portugal.


Possible subjects:

  • Process of democratic transition;
  • Free and fair elections;
  • External perspectives of the April Revolution;
  • Citizenship, political, social and economic rights;
  • Rule of law and democratic society;
  • Democracy and human rights;
  • Decentralisation of power and municipalism;
  • The environmental issue.


Deadline for submitting an article proposal (title and abstract approx. 150 words)

7th April 2024


Deadline for submitting the final article

12 May 2024


Email for submission: revista@cepese.pt


Instructions for authors at: https://www.cepese.pt/portal/en/populacao-e-sociedade/instructions-for-authors