Douro / Duero Virtual2 Project

This Project, presented within the scope of the INTERREG III-A Program, was rated excellent and will help reinforce the cross-border cultural cooperation.

This Project, presented to CCDRN within the scope of the INTERREG III-A Program, helped reinforcing the cross-border cultural cooperation and integrate regional and local entities in an innovative context of joint offer. It’s the visible aspect of a more ambitious project aiming at including all the historical-cultural heritage of the Douro Valley, which will have a Virtual Centre for the Cultural Heritage of the Douro Valley and will allow the discovery of its identity, authenticity and strength, as it has a vast and internationally acknowledged cultural heritage.  On the other hand, it were promoted joint cultural events, which allowed continuing and enriching previous projects connected to social, economic and historical aspects of the Douro.   

It was thus intended with this Project to give an important contribution to a brand image of the Region, hence the reason why the texts on the website, besides being in Portuguese and Spanish, are also in English. Finally, it was also intended to increase the cross-border cooperation between Portugal and Spain, through multinational teams.

We highlight as results of this Project, consolidated by the construction and enrichment of the Virtual Centre of the cultural heritage of the Douro Valley:

  • the protection and integration in a regional dynamization strategy of the several cultural heritage resources of the cross-border territory, by carrying out systematic inventories of the cultural heritage, ensuring the protection and appreciation of several aspects of the heritage through the creation of a website, which provides support to a set of inventories;
  • the networked recovery and revitalization of several elements of the historical-cultural heritage through the online promotion of the cross-border heritage of these two regions;
  • the strengthening of local identities by promoting cultural products in a context of joint offer, through the organization of two Seminars on the cross-border cultural heritage.


Coordinator - Fernando de Sousa